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Teone Reinthal perfume : beaudesert
Teone Reinthal perfume : beaudesert
Teone Reinthal perfume : beaudesert
Teone Reinthal perfume : beaudesert

Teone Reinthal perfume : beaudesert


CO2 vanilla, cardamon, lemon verbena, Virginian cedar, Indian and Australian sandalwoods (no oud)

Beaudesert is warm, golden, woody tobacco amber inspired by Teone’s time in the Scenic Rim region with members of the Mununjali first nations community. This fragrance expresses emotional connection to a lush and mountainous landscape, opening on the skin with sharp cedar and verbena, and journeying into the complex sweetness of vanilla and sandalwood beyond.

  • cruelty free and un-gendered
  • cannot be shipped express due to postal regulations

care :
Your perfume is best stored out of direct sunlight, but has no expiration date. Like a fine wine, a natural perfume will improve as it ages.

1 x 30ml bottle

Teone Reinthal Natural Perfume (TRNP) is made in Brisbane, Australia, from rare and premium botanical ingredients including pure essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, balsams and resins. TRNP fragrances never include pthalates or other chemical additives like boosters, stabilisers, and preservatives, commonly used in mass-produced perfumes.
Dr Teone Reinthal is the artist and qualified clinical aromatherapist behind the label, with a life-long (and quite infectious) passion for fragrance. Teone understands at a molecular, artistic, and psychological level, the power of scent to awaken the mind and enrich our lives in the most joyful way. All her perfumes invite a personal connection beyond gender, age, season or occasion.
A perfume from TRNP “breathes with the body; never overwhelms, yet synergises with our own unique chemistry in a slow-release of volatile plant essences that ‘bloom’ over a period of time”.