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memeri : modal cotton leggings long


These silky-smooth leggings are super soft and wonderfully warm. Incredibly insulating, the modal cotton combination is gentle and sleek while providing excellent heat retention. The leggings are extra long to let you double them at the ankle or pull them past your heel for flexible comfort.

made in Japan

fabric : 43% modal, 43% cotton, 14% nylon
size : medium - large
• length 105 cm

care : Do not tumble dry. Wash in laundry net.

Memeri harness years of knitwear knowledge and a rich heritage to produce high-quality but accessible products in cheerful colours. Dedicated to using only gentle and natural materials such as silk, wool, linen and cotton, all their products are manufactured in Japan. Memeri consider their socks and accessories to "be like a loving friend who always stays by your side," and you couldn't ask for better friends.