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ban inoue : caya hand towel


Ban Inoue

Japan’s ancient capital, Nara, is home to a centuries-old weaving industry devoted to the production of a special type of cloth; caya has an unusual, open structure, originally used as mosquito netting as well as traditional dress. The cloth is initially finished with natural starches which wash out, leaving a remarkably soft cloth – airy and breathable, with waffle-like texture. Renowned in Japan for a beauty of near spiritual quality, inspiring poetry and ukiyo-e woodblock prints during the Edo period, today caya’s gentle aesthetic and practical properties are preserved by Ban Inoue for use throughout the home.    

Caya cloth is famously absorbent, quick to dry, highly durable and very soft. These little square cloths make a functional and attractive addition to the kitchen or bathroom, at a size ideal for use as a dish or cleaning cloth, towel or lunch wrap.

Caya cloth is beautiful and useful throughout the home, see our collection here.

made in Japan

colour : flax
materials : 100% cotton
measurements : 33cm x 33cm
care instructions :
  • cold machine wash with like items to avoid snags and pulls
  • dry flat in shade
  • do not bleach or tumble dry