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buaisou care instructions

Although BUAISOU’s indigo dye products have been stripped of excess dye, there is still a possibility of colour transfer onto lighter items should there be any friction during contact.

BUAISOU recommend that you gently hand wash items the first 2-3 times after purchase and once every 6-12 months to get rid of any excess dye using lukewarm water and a detergent that does not include any whitening or bleaching agents.

Brown or yellow pigment may appear during washing, this is a chemical component unique to the indigo dye BUAISOU use. Doing this repeatedly, you may remove the excess dye and be left with more vivid colours than before. This is a very special trait of BUAISOU, and why their indigo dye products are the best.
Because the products are handmade, each piece’s colours and patterns are unique.

Please keep away from excessive ultraviolet rays or sunlight as the dye may react and discolouration may occur. In the unlikely event of discolouration, place the item hot water overnight, wash and repeat. Gentle machine wash is possible with fabric items.

Warnings for dyed products made from wood.
Friction may result in loss of colour. Depending on the characteristics of the wood, warping or cracking may occur. Sun damage may result from UV ray exposure. Please keep products away from direct sunlight as it may cause discolouration. Oil used for the finishing coat may come off.