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vintage japanese tea caddy


Keep your loose leaves safe with this vintage tea caddy. Boasting a beautiful dimpled finish, it has a dark sheen and tactile quality that calls out from the shelf. Expertly crafted, the snugly fitted outer lid slides off, revealing the secure inner lid, and can be used as a seperate measuring cup along with the included tea scoop. This vintage tea caddy was hand-sourced in Japan just for the maker.

material : anodised steel

please note : there is a small dent on the lid, a memento of years lived in Japan

tea caddy :
• total height 10.5cm
• diameter 7cm

tea scoop :
• length 8.5cm
• width 4.5cm

Individually sourced from Japan and curated in Hobart, our collection of vintage curios and curious ephemera includes specially selected items that range from glass bottles and vintage containers to statues and figurines, brass relics, cabinets, ceramics, or anything else that defies categorisation and sparks the imagination.

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