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furoshiki bag


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A square of fabric with decorative as well as deeply functional heritage, the Japanese furoshiki cloth has a rich culture of reinterpretation.

French industrial design studio Unqui reimagine the cloth’s carrying capacity with their leather tsunagu strap, creating a cerebral bag of tricks! Simply but elegantly knotted to its leather strap, the clever design makes a stunning statement tote from the cotton furoshiki, and permits playful retying and experimental wear.

made in Japan

colour : bluestone and vanilla bean
materials : leather handle and cotton cloth
measurements :
  • cloth : 95cm length by 90cm width
  • handle : 32cm length by 5cm width

care instructions: Protect your bag from prolonged exposure to sun. If bag strap becomes wet, gently blot and allow to dry at room temperature. Furoshiki cloth may be untied and gently hand washed in cold water. Dry flat, iron on a cool setting and re-tie.