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victoria varrasso : land boot in carbon


The land boot is crafted from Italian leather and features a natural rubber sole with the perfect amount of tread. With a side gusset, adjustable side strap with antique brass buckle, and internal side zip, this boot will remain a classic season after season.

There may be slight variations in colour and surface texture, which is part of the brand's aesthetic and an intentional design feature. Every aspect of Victoria Varrasso's handmade shoe collection is 100% Italian made from the beautiful leathers, soles, zips, buckles and laces right down to the packaging.

materials : 100% Italian leather, antique brass buckle

sizes :
• EU 38 / AU 6
• EU 39 / AU 7
• EU 40 / AU 8
• EU 41 / AU 9

victoria varrasso

Victoria Varrasso shoes are crafted by third generation artisan shoe makers in the northern Italian region of Le Marche. Each pair of shoes passes through over thirty pairs of skilled hands from conception to perfection!

made in Italy

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