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theory11 : voyager playing cards


Theory11’s Voyager deck is inspired by the ultimate road trip, with a spirit of adventure. Illustrated by Joshua Noom in Fort Myers, Florida, the custom artwork features Americana motifs drawn from the rich cultural heritage of the wild west, the open highway and an escape from the conventional pack! The deck’s aces, jokers, back design, and case were all created from the ground up, with the case packaging handcrafted on antique, letterpress machines dating back to the late 1930's.

materials : FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, starch-based laminates, and vegetable-based inks.

• length 9.1cm
• width 6.4cm
• depth 2.2cm


Theory11 make cards for family play, pro gamblers, magicians, and lovers of analogue pleasures alike. Since its inception in 2007, this creative company has expanded their international community of magic maker and collaborating artists, yet never wavered from their central aim – to produce a sustainable, luxurious, and artistically designed decks, with silky feel and playability that’s second to none.

made in America

theory11 : voyager playing cards
theory11 : voyager playing cards

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