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so gentle : bamboo and bilberry face exfoliate


by The Natural Skin Store

Gentle, consistent exfoliation is essential to heathy cell turnover. Tired complexions will be revitalised, clearer, and silky soft after using this oh-so-gentle facial scrub, combining sandalwood and bamboo. 

to use : Place 1/2 tsp into a bowl, add and equal part warm water or oil (such as the natural skin store’s cleanser or elixir) to form a paste. Apply to face, rubbing gently in light, circular motions. Rinse off with warm water, and for glowing results, follow up with your favourite of the natural skin store’s moisturisers... 

made in Tasmania

size : 60ml

contains : Australian ivory clay, bamboo powder, sandalwood powder, *calendula extract, *bilberry extract, rice protein, sweet orange, cedarwood, ylang ylang, lime and neroli pure essential oils, vitamin E.

*denotes certified organic.