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tabito : brass necklace with antique brass pendant


This brass necklace cleverly repurposes an antique brass weight into a stunning necklace comprised of rare and carefully collaged beads and chain parts. Each component is selected for its beauty, to create a composition alive with history and artistry.

materials : brass necklace, antique brass weight, brass beads, brass pocket watch chain parts & clasp, madeira citrine

• chain length 77cm
• pendant length 1.5cm
• pendant width 1cm


Archaeologists of overlooked beauty, Tabito restore lost artefacts of daily life from a forgotten past. Pieces in this collection have been meticulously assembled from vintage and antique machinery parts, jewellery findings, semi-precious stones and industrial ephemera collected in Japan and throughout Europe, to bring you a little piece of history to wear and treasure. Every unique piece is constructed in this husband and wife's Belgium workshop.

made in Belgium

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