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shōwa era kokeshi directory


Look up the legacy of past masters with your very own Shōwa era kokeshi directory. Published in Shōwa '63 (1988), this beautiful directory showcases 35 kokeshi designs from different artists across Japan, with each incredible artwork accompanied by a short blurb and contact details for their creator. Who knows, some of them may even still be in business?

Made with traditional fukuro-toji binding, the pages are folded with images and text on the outside and placed in order, the assembled pages are then stitched together through the margins so the sewn side forms the spine and the folds form the edges. Finished with a modest hollow-back card cover, this unassuming treasure is layered with kawaii charm and attention to detail that longs to be explored.

More than a mere coffee table curio, the kokeshi directory would be great for getting artistically inspired, delivering a gift to aspiring designers, or even disassembling it for individual framing to capitalise on every aesthetic ounce contained within its pages.

material : vintage paper

• height 26cm
• width 19cm
• 35 pages plus flyleaf and endpapers

made in Japan

shōwa era kokeshi directory

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