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pure oils of tasmania : kunzea rainwater spritzer


Pure Oils of Tasmania

Pure Oils of Tasmania is a family business run by Mother/ Daughter duo, Carey and Josie. Their high quality essential oils are sourced from sustainable wild-growing plants in North-East Tasmania and on Flinders Island. The Pure Oils collection is a reflection of the beautiful surroundings, pure environment and quality of life enjoyed by Tasmanians, which can now be shared with the world.

Kunzea spritz retains the natural earthy aroma of its essential oil while also maintaining the many medicinal benefits, including relief from arthritis and rheumatism; influenza; muscular aches and pains in addition to relieving nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.

The aromatic mist is diluted with pure rain water which enables it to remain very versatile whether being used for your face and body or in the home whilst still retaining the unique attributes and scent of the Kunzea oil.

made in Tasmania