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pure oils of tasmania : double cream set kunzea and blue gum


Pure Oils of Tasmania

Pure Oils of Tasmania is a family business run by passionate Mother/ Daughter duo, Carey and Josie. Their high quality essential oils are sustainably hand-harvested from wild plants in North-Eastern Tasmania and Flinders Island. The Pure Oils collection distills the natural beauty and healing powers of our native flora to support your health and nourish the senses. 

Coming to you in a gorgeous branded bamboo box are two soothing creams: kunzea and blue gum.

The beautiful combination of Kunzea Oil with this nourishing cream makes for a product that helps soften, soothe and revive dehydrated skin.

Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, Kunzea is recognised for the temporary relief of the pain arthritis and rheumatism; relief of the symptoms of influenza; relief of muscular aches and pains; may help relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. Additionally this very useful oil is also acknowledged in the treatment of eczema and other related skin conditions.

The Tasmanian blue gum cream has a complex, earthy scent which is refreshing but never overpowering. Its antibacterial powers and clean scent also make an effective decongestant when gently rubbed on the chest.

The base of both creams is a gentle blend of Shea Nut Butter, Aloe and Almond Oil to which 10% pure oils are added to create a luxurious moisturiser which is a pleasure to use, and to give!


made in Tasmania

size : 30g each