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neil hoffmann : woodfired plate


The handsomely speckled surface of these plates adds rustic and intimately textured detail to each piece. Hand thrown from and fired in a wood burning kiln, these warm and earthen plates are inviting even when empty.

material : clay

care : Hand washing is best for these ceramics, and please avoid the microwave.

Every Hoffmann piece is hand thrown, each curve and glaze marking adding to the patina of the individual piece.

• diameter 24cm
• height 6cm

Neil Hoffmann

From his studio in Reedy Marsh, Tasmania, ceramicist Neil Hoffmann creates densely textural pieces which bring organic form and function to the table. In a practice spanning four decades, Neil has developed an intimate relationship to the land where he works, often incorporating clays from his immediate local environment. He also works with porcelain and whole dolerite rocks, using both wood burning and gas-fired kilns. The maker is privileged to share this uniquely organic tableware.

made in Tasmania

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