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natural soap


 by thief colony


anniseed + cinnamon leaf : these basalty blocks of charcoal coloured soap are scented with aniseed and cinnamon leaf. sweet, spicy & intoxicating.

goatsmilk + leatherwood honey : these sweet scented soaps are reminiscent of caramelised milk toffee.

lemongrass + lime : gorgeous vegan blocks scented with essential oils of lemongrass and lime and coloured with spirulina.

tasmanian pale ale + cedarwood : scented with basil, lemongrass, lavender and cedarwood essential oils + a secret weapon ingredient - India Pale Ale. Why beer? Bubbles, silkiness and that golden ale colour.

rose geranium + lavender : blended with rich coconut cream and cocoa butter, and powered by Australian red clay and a generous sprinkle of lavender and rose geranium essential oils, the smell of this soap is divine and the lather - astonishing.

handmade in tasmania
made using 80% local ingredients / vegan friendly