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kopka : golden fleece hat in black


Just like its mythical namesake, the Kopka golden fleece hat will cure your ailing humours. Made with pure merino wool, the resulting felt represents the highest grade of quality available, making it extremely soft with a brilliant sheen. The absence excessive trimmings lends this hat a modern and uncomplicated style that can be worn any which way you choose.

fabric : 100% pure felted merino wool

care : Please take a moment to hand wash your Kopka hat in approved wool detergent. Reshape while damp and air dry flat, avoid wringing or stretching your lovely hat.

• inside circumference 59cm


Turning heads since 1950, German hat makers Kopka have an unwavering eye for the perfect profile. With versatile styles that look good from every angle, their designs can be worn low and relaxed, or as a tidy topper with a touch of theatre. Always manufactured in natural fibres to precise standards, these are investment pieces with great longevity in timeless, natural shades.

designed in Germany

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