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kendama keyaki


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Long before the smartphone (about the late 18thcentury in fact) came the curiously addictive Kendama! So much more than a novelty, these traditional toys have stood the test of time with their ingeniously simple ball, cups and spike combining in dozens of ways to challenge coordination and reward persistence.  

Instructions are in Japanese but clear diagrams give many suggestions for testing your skill and progressing through the levels of difficulty. An astonishing trove of masterful pro tips and tricks awaits on youtube (and you might even invent one or two yourself).

This hardwood model is produced in durable but lightweight timber from the Japanese Zelkova tree, which has been sustainably harvested. Characterised by its pronounced grain and pleasant fragrance, it will endure knocks better than standard kendama, with outstanding longevity. Comes with a replacement string.

made in Japan

materials : keyaki wood
measurements : 18cm