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karakoram : mohair silk jumper


This lustrous knit combines the soft touch of silk with the strength and warmth of mohair. A straight-sided design with ribbed hem detail, it offers a relaxed fit for unrestrictive comfort, luxurious texture, and unrivalled warmth– promising to keep you cosy and warm for years to come.

material : 60% mohair, 40% silk

care : cold hand wash your scarf in gentle wool detergent (or shampoo) and roll in a towel to blot. Reshape while damp and allow to dry flat.

• chest width 57cm
• sleeve length 53cm
• length 61cm

* model height is 168cm


Cologne-based designers Caroline and Christian Brockmeyer are passionate about sustainable, natural wools, and their KARAKORAM hats meet the challenges of winter with integrity and beauty. Using carefully sourced high-quality fibres, each piece is made by a social enterprise supporting women to earn a fair wage through meaningful work (every tag bears its knitter’s name). Only the time consuming and skilful craft of hand knitting could do justice to the quality yarns developed by KARAKORAM, yielding lively texture, timeless design and luxuriant warmth you’ll treasure for many years. 

made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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