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jess blak : surface charm bracelet


Inspired by the intrigues of nature and artefacts of bygone times, the surface charm bracelet could have been pulled from the earth and pressed into service. A bespoke piece made from sterling silver, the surface charms are beautifully textured and catch the light gently with their movement.

material : 100% sterling silver

• open length 17cm
• charm width 1.2cm

Jess Blak

Jess Blak is an Australian contemporary silversmith with an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and ethical practices. Her organic approach to creating balances repetition and authenticity whilst Collections are inspired by the juxtaposition of nature and the built environment. Jess’ style of making emulates textures found in ruins and shipwrecks, inspired by such artefacts and their ability to recall stories lost and the mystery of times past. The treatment of the silver suggests time has manipulated the surface leaving it organic and completely unpredictable, beautifying the unexpected nature of discovery.

hand-made in Brisbane

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