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inventory #1 staircases, ladders and bridges : nangus rd, gundagai


by Bec Stevens

This beautifully observed dry-point etching has been created through the weight and natural setting of plaster. The work is a meditation of sorts on built structures. A structure not only serves a purpose or function, it also speaks of its maker’s intent, of the context in which it was made and of our relationship to the spaces and situations we inhabit. 

Bec Stevens is an award-winning Hobart based artist and curator. Her work observes and explores the incongruous relationships we develop with the spaces, sites and structures we occupy. 

This etching is solid plaster and is free standing. It also has a recessed hanging system that allows it to sit flush on a wall. 

made in Hobart, Tasmania

material : dry point etching set in plaster 
size : width 43.5cm, height 21cm, depth 3.5cm