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KOKO incense perfume

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Celebrated as one of the most beautiful women in the world, the Chinese noblewoman Yang Guifei or ‘Youhiki’ in Japanese, was renowned for her love of fragrant incense powders to enhance her natural beauty. Applied to the neck and wrists, the KOKO range is a modern reinterpretation of this ancient buddhist tradition, using carefully blended incense to cleanse and soothe the body and soul.

method: incense powder is added into palm of hand with small spatula and held there with other palm to warm the fragrance. incense is then lifted and placed onto wrist or neck and rubbed into skin. 

made in Japan


176 : a warm and elegant blend of sweet and sharp aromatics, reminiscent of fresh pomegranate fruit.

170 : a refined and delicate scent which develops on the skin with the passage of time. This scent is inspired by the mystery of the lotus flower, which changes colour as the bloom unfolds.

01 : including extracts from the olive trees grown in Kagawa prefecture, this calming scent enhances relaxation and promotes clarity of mind.

012 : a refreshing blend to uplift the senses, with subtle essence of lemon creating balance and energy.

bottle holds 51g of incense perfume powder