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highhorse : mushroom studs 05


Uncover a little pair of mismatched fungi studs in colours drawn from nature. As delicious as truffles and twice as nice, the mushroom studs capture a tiny slice of world's wild beauty for you to wear!

Highhorse uses stainless surgical steel posts and clutches, which are hypoallergenic and perfect for humans with sensitive ears.

care advice :
• Remove your earring clutches gently. The smaller the stud the less surface area there is for posts to grip onto so handle tiny studs with care.
• You can expect the surfaces of your Highhorse to take on a light patina of use over time, however jewellery should be handled with care. Avoid any exposure to oils, fragrances and other chemicals as well as surface scratches.

includes 2 studs presented on a 5.5 cm letterpress card in a clear sleeve
• 3mm - 13mm tall
• 10mm long stainless steel stud attachment


The work of Hobart maker and illustrator Helena Shipway, Highhorse earrings are a playful way to display your love of arty colour pairings and bold graphic design. Each unique piece is 100% hand-drawn and hand-cut, using coloured pencil on sturdy and light acrylic for comfortable, colour-rich wear.

made in Hobart

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