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highhorse : exhibition earrings 10


These one-of-a-kind earrings are a special collaboration between the maker and HIGHHORSE, in a celebration of difference and individuality. Bringing dramatic proportions, delicate movement and rich colour to the midst of winter’s darkness, each earring is an intensely detailed work of art for your ears. No two are alike, and they’ll never be made again!

Each pair of exhibition earrings comes boxed with a signed and numbered care certificate.

care advice : Each HIGHHORSE piece is an original drawing, cut by hand and individually shrunk. The colours are embedded in the earrings' surface, which is sealed with matte varnish. You can expect a light patina of wear to show with time, but avoiding exposure to oils, fragrance, water, and surface scratches will help maintain your earrings at peak gorgeousness!

Every effort is made to accurately display and describe items, but please be aware that hand-made pieces are inherently and beautifully variable, and minor differences in size and colour occur. Note that colours may display differently from monitor to monitor. Dimensions given are as accurate as possible but may vary slightly.

earrings :
• length approx. 10.5cm
• width approx. 4.5cm

304 stainless steel ear hooks :
• 14mm wide
• 18.5mm long


Display your love of arty colour combinations and bold, deco-inspired graphic design with a pair of HIGHHORSE earrings. Each distinctive piece is hand-drawn in Hobart just for the maker, using coloured pencil and strong, lightweight acrylic for comfortable, colour-rich wear.

made in Hobart, Tasmania

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