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ethica : hot water bottle cover

$24.00 $48.00

by Ethica

These luxuriously soft alpaca hot water bottle covers have been hand knitted in Peru for the maker. Like a cable jumper with a roll neck which folds up to protect you from the pesky hot water bottle neck, these stretchy covers ensure your hottie is properly insulated to hold warm and close for hours.

Ethica works closely with small groups of skilled knitters in disadvantaged areas around Lima, to provide valuable work and direct income for women supporting their families. The alpaca wool is spun and dyed in Peru, and has exceptional thermal properties, as well as being lanolin-free and comfortable for those with wool sensitivity.

Cold hand wash with gentle shampoo or approved wool detergent, reshape while damp and allow to dry flat. Do not give your alpaca a hot water bottle.

made in Peru, fairtrade

colours : vanilla bean / dove
material : pure handknitted alpaca yarn
size : one size fits a standard hot water bottle