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elise cameron-smith : the albatross


Elise Cameron-Smith

Creations by Elise Cameron-Smith speak of the timeless and resonant appeal of solid timber, patiently shaped in human hands. From her quiet studio (a converted shipping container in rural New South Wales), she carves small sculptural pieces with strong organic forms, showcasing the tactility and warmth of each unique timber.

With an airy, picture-book profile, 'The Albatross'  conjures up a romantic vision of nautical adventure, unmoored from mundane reality.  Hand carved from untreated white beech and bearing stiff sails of translucent natural hide, this little ship is beautifully decked out with bunting and ready to drop anchor at a lucky child's bedside, or as the centrepiece of a treasure-hunter's vignette.

made in Illawarra, Australia

materials : white beech, raw hide, brass, cotton cord

measurements :

  • height 42cm
  • width 30cm