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eritate : fedora hat in saltbush


This woven hat melds traditional style with modern sensibilities. Made with durable hemp, using proven millinery techniques, the weave is strong and stiff to retain its structure and shape, even when you flip the brim up or down.

    colour : saltbush with carbon ribbon
    materials : 90% hemp, 10% rayon

    care : please do not wash, iron, or tumble dry your new hat.

    • band 59cm


    As well as preserving traditional millinery techniques, Eritate create playful and innovative hats with clever modifications to classic shapes. Comfort and functionality are prioritised in their Okayama atelier, where finely woven materials including cotton, jute, and paper contribute to a gentle design sensibility, executed with care and good workmanship.

    made in Japan

    eritate : fedora hat in saltbush
    eritate : fedora hat in saltbush
    eritate : fedora hat in saltbush

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