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kobe matchbox stickers

$7.50 $15.00


Loose, die-cut stickers come in an adorable matchbox-sized box, ideal for adding a whimsical decorative note to diaries, calendars, letters and all manner of papercraft. These stickers are printed on textured, high quality paper, thoughtfully designed with a split across the backing paper for easy peeling.

Each box contains different designs related to a theme - choose from Pretty Girl (various folk doll figures), Fairyland (nostalgic storybook illustrations), Kokeshi doll (all different sizes) and Snowy Day (bunnies and their snowballs)!

made in Japan

specs :

  • pretty girl 48 stickers
  • fairyland 45 stickers
  • snowy day 64 stickers
  • kokeshi 68 stickers

measurements :

  • length 5.6cm
  • width 3.4cm
  • height 1.8cm