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ban inoue : caya tapestry


This simple pieced cloth has decorative potential along with practical use. As a modern, understated table runner or hanging in a window it highlights the simple beauty of caya; alternatively, it makes a stylish, soft and absorbent addition to your bathroom as a hand towel.

caya cloth is beautiful and useful throughout the home, see our collection here.

    colour : flint, dove and carbon
    materials : 100% caya cotton

    washing & care : this fine, net-like textile is woven from pure cotton and stiffened with natural plant starches for presentation. You can expect its texture to become incredibly soft and waffle-ish with wear and washing, as shown in the last picture. caya can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle (a laundry bag will help prevent snags) but should not be tumble dried.

    • length 119cm
    • width 44cm

    Ban Inoue

    From the beautiful ancient capital Nara, Ban Inoue make breathable garments and accessories in simple styles, allowing the soft texture and comfort of their natural textiles to take focus. Whether using natural caya cloth, exceptional linen weaves, or comfortable slab cotton, Ban Inoue seek to preserve the gentle aesthetics and practical properties of all their textiles.

    made in Japan

    ban inoue : caya tapestry

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