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ban inoue : large caya scarf in flint


With a little zhoosh-ing this generous scarf adds airy volume and drama to any outfit, or may be folded for a lower profile. The pure cotton caya will gain wonderful softness and a waffle-like texture with wear and gentle washing, to provide a lightweight layer all year round. Rolled hems on the long sides give way to a subtle fringe detail at the ends.

colour : flint
materials : 100% cotton

washing & care : this fine, net-like textile is woven from pure cotton and stiffened with natural plant starches for presentation. You can expect its texture to become incredibly soft and waffle-ish with wear and washing, as shown in the last picture. caya can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle (a laundry bag will help prevent snags) but should not be tumble dried.

• length 178cm
• width 109cm

Ban Inoue

From the beautiful ancient capital Nara, Ban Inoue make breathable garments in simple styles, allowing the soft texture and natural comfort of their textiles to take focus. Still traditionally woven to this day, caya is renowned in Japan for a beauty of near spiritual quality, inspiring poetry and ukiyo-e woodblock prints of the Edo period. Today, Ban Inoue wish to preserve the gentle aesthetic and practical properties of caya cloth with their effortless and naturally comfortable clothing.

made in Japan

ban inoue : large caya scarf in flint
ban inoue : large caya scarf in flint

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