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arm warmers long


Peeking from a three quarter sleeve, our beautiful wool jersey arm warmers are both fun and functional. Wear them scrunched down or layered up, and make yourself warm and comfortable all day; leave them on to type, text, knit, drive and tickle babies (just not all at once).

fabric : wool jersey

colours :
• carbon
• derwent (carbon on inside)
• saltbush
• carbon, saltbush, woodsmoke, horizontal stripe

• length 45cm

LJ struthers

LJ struthers clothing is informed by insistence on comfort, commitment to craftsmanship, and the joy of self-expression we can all experience through dress. Life and work in different regions of Japan inspired Leonie to translate some of the traditional principles of Japanese design for an Australian context. Timeless, sculptural silhouettes are ideal for layering, while disciplined lines and simple shapes invites creative collaboration with the wearer. Textiles of extraordinary quality are at the heart of the label, and every style is cut and constructed in Hobart with due care, creating garments to enjoy for years to come.

designed and made in Hobart

arm warmers long
wool arm warmers long

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