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a nod to design : g necklace in carbon


Meticulously hand-constructed, A Nod to Design weaves antique brass chains and Japanese beads into captivating geometric shapes full of movement and immaculate detail. The g necklace juxtaposes colour and shape with absence and drape to create natural intrigue.

materials : matte Japanese glass beads, semi-precious stone beads, antique brass double rolo chain

• chain length 45.7 - 55.9cm
• pendant length 4.5cm
• pendant width 3.1cm

A Nod to Design

Following her passion from fine art to fashion design, Wenjing Yang takes inspiration from nature, photography, architecture, fibre arts, and all things craft. Focussing on unique and ephemeral collections, she believes A Nod to Design can make the world a better place through art and expression.

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