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yuruku : figure belt


Understated yet wholly distinct, the figure belt embodies the Yuruku ethos. Utilising striking material contrast, the liquorice strap is sealed with wooden features at each end. This is the perfect little piece for adding intrigue to undemanding outfits.

    colour : carbon
    materials : wood and leather

    • length 160cm


    Made entirely by hand in Japan by Yuruku Takanashi, YURUKU leather bags speak of the rare quality an eagle eye will spot at 30 paces. Not a stitch is out of place, not a single detail of line, function or finish has gone unconsidered. Quietly displaying the finest grade leather and smooth timbers, clever attachments, and the most rigorous construction techniques we've seen, these bags are minimalist in conception, alive with warmth and imagination.

    made in Japan

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