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narrative lab : the calling rollerball parfum oil


Write your own story with Narrative Lab's rollerball parfum oil. Deeply aromatic yet fuss-free and discreet, it's the perfect pocket companion, ready to roll on and refresh at a moments notice.

Centred around four key themes, earth, forest, ocean, and midnight, Narrative Lab fragrances take their cues from natural textures and olfactory memories, creating richly nuanced scents that grow in complexity throughout the day. Made without the use of alcohol or parabens, Narrative Lab perfumes are vegan-friendly and cruelty free, skin-loving fragrances for every body.

scent description :
The aroma of rich, dark rum with vanilla bean and caramel latte, this is a midnight scent with warm, sweet tones, leading with top notes of rum and cassis, building on a base of sandalwood and patchouli with heart notes of heliotrope.

contains :
• 10ml of concentrated parfum oil
• refillable rollerball vessel
• gift box

Narrative Lab

Innovative purveyors of fine fragrances for men and women, their collection is made using quality plant-based ingredients. Produced with a low-impact approach, their scents contain no alcohol or parabens, are vegan-friendly, cruelty free, and come served in reusable containers. Nourishing, skin-loving fragrances that don't hurt the environment— Narrative Lab are rewriting the story around scents.

made in Australia

narrative lab : the calling rollerball parfum oil
narrative lab : the calling rollerball parfum oil

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