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vintage kokeshi postcard set


A showcase of stunning craftsmanship, this postcard set features portraits of traditional kokeshi dolls in all their glory. Presented in a charming fold box, these postcards are a wonderful way to say hello to the kokeshi lover in your life, but would also work beautifully framed and displayed as art objects.

Have you been captivated by the charm of the kokeshi? With their characteristic graphic markings, sculptural silhouettes and mysterious expressions, these cultural icons have found their way into many hearts and homes. Each unique kokeshi has been thoughtfully hand selected on our travels to resonate as part of a larger collection or  when displayed individually.

materials : vintage paper

This vintage postcard set has lived for many years in Japan and bears the gentle patina of time. Please expect some minor surface marks or fading, and see the photos for a clear indication of condition.

care : please find a home away from strong sunlight and humidity, and wipe with a clean dry cloth.

• base width 11cm
• height 13cm

made in Japan

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