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riuru : washi earrings

$114.00 $228.00


Ayako Morita is a contemporary maker bringing ancient materials and techniques to life with a deft hand and bold, dynamic vision. Her sculptural earrings are made from many layers of handmade Japanese washi paper, imbued with urushi, or natural resin lacquer, which hardens to a strong, durable and impossibly lightweight finish. Their forms are animated by the endlessly responsive qualities of her chosen material; paper fibres which may be folded, twisted and imprinted with pattern.

A graduate of the Tokyo University of the Arts specialising in lacquer work, Ayako san is skilled in the preservation and restoration of cultural assets, and her knowledge of the techniques and fashions of Edo period urushi informs her work.

Lacquered gold leaf imparts a beautiful warm glow to these large disc studs, whose textured surface is detailed with a simple, basketweave  impression. Their subtly curved form adds dimension, deepening the play of light and shadow on their foiled surface.

made in Japan

materials : washi paper, silver stud, foil and natural lacquer.
measurements : 

  • circumference 3cm

care : although these pieces are very lightweight and water resistant, please note that strong impact may cause damage. Please avoid exposing your earrings to water, oils, fragrances and other chemicals.