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art of play : messymod playing cards


A themed deck of premium playing cards with intricate detail and outstanding artistic design, messymod playing cards are grandly grotesque. Designed by creative collective, TRÜF, this deck exemplifies their approach to "Messy Modernism", a quirky concoction of minimal, modern, stylised, and mystified. Sustainably produced and beautifully realised, this is an ideal deck for graphic designers, idiosyncratic collectors, card sharps, and art lovers alike.

materials : FSC certified paper derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks.

• length 9.1cm
• width 6.4cm
• depth 2.2cm

Art of Play

Founded in 2013 by twin brothers Dan and Dave Buck, pioneers in the art of cardistry, Art of Play curates a collection of curiosities from around the globe. Manufactured with paper from sustainable forests and printed with environmentally friendly, vegetable-based ink, their playing cards are some of the finest in the world— collaborating with artists, makers, and innovators to create remarkable and fascinating collections. Partnered with One Tree Planted, they consciously strive to create mystery, sustainably. 

made in America

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