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buaisou : hemp bracelet


Hemp has historically had a “holy” association in Japan, used throughout Temples and Shrines in the production of amulets and good luck charms. Using fibres cultivated in Tochigi prefecture, and dyed using the Jigoku date or "producing hell"  technique (one of the most difficult processes imaginable), BUAISOU then individually hand-weave each hemp string to create these striking bracelets. 

Learn more about caring for your BUAISOU indigo products here.

materials : 100% Japanese hemp

care instructions : This piece is made from indigo dye fabric and some minor variations in colour are a natural feature of this process. Some dye transfer may occur. Genuine indigo fabric should not come into contact with lighter fabrics before its first five washes.

• 3mm thick
• short length 40cm
• long length 100cm

• length 7cm
• width 4.5cm
• depth 1.8cm

application : Untwist loop on end to open, thread through past knot and twist closed. Loop around the wrist twice or cut to the desired length.


Masters of traditional practice, BUAISOU was established in the "hometown of indigo dye,” Kamiita-cho. A once prolific industry in Tokushima prefecture, today there are only a handful of traditional indigo farmers left, four of whom are BUAISOU. From the ground to the street, cultivating the raw indigo and fermenting the leaves (Sukumo), dyeing, designing, and production, BUAISOU undertake every process themselves, merging modern sensibilities with the revival of heritage craft. Characterised by rich hue and colour fastness, the history of Indigo dyeing is as deep and complex as the outcome. Our first outing from BUAISOU is a range of practical yet stunning pieces to brighten your day.

made in Japan

buaisou : hemp bracelet
buaisou : hemp bracelet at the maker
buaisou indigo hemp bracelet
how to tie a buaisou hemp bracelet

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