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bailer : shoulder bag 8L

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The clever BAILER bag is a collaboration between Classiky and Okayama-based 3sun, inspired by both the hardworking materials and functional design of maritime culture. 

The bag’s cylindrical shape echoes the bailing buckets legally required aboard a ship a for bailing water or extinguishing fire, which even today may be made of waxed canvas as well as metal. On a ship, these buckets are required to be incredibly tough, highly reliable and always accessible. The BAILER bag is intended for just such grab-and-go functionality, with an oval-shaped base, one fixed strap, and a single, industrial-grade stud closure. Uncompromising in its utilitarian aesthetic, the bag has timeless unisex appeal as a daily tote.

BAILER bags are made from the original linen canvas designated for legal use on ships by the Kurashiki Design Planning Office woven in Kurashiki City (which produces 70% of canvas for Japan’s domestic use), on an old-fashioned shuttle loom which can operate at full capacity for only 8 hours a day, producing just 50m at a time.

The linen yarn used to weave the textile itself is of uniquely high quality, spun by Safiran, a leading linen manufacturer in Europe operating since 1778.

All the Bailer bags are finished with a paraffin wax treatment to achieve a water-resistant finish (used in camping and sailing). This gives the canvas a stiffness which will gradually soften with long-term use, creating a wonderful patina of use, unique to your bag.

made in Japan

materials : 100% linen 
measurements :

  • height 31cm
  • width 24cm
  • depth 16cm
  • shoulder strap 90cm