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kokeshi, made in Japan, Japanese wooden dolls, vintage kokeshi, hand painted

their story continues...

It's no secret that some of our favourite makers are people we will never meet - we can only know the artisans behind our beloved vintage kokeshi through their intriguing and beautiful work. If you've found yourself enchanted by these figures you'll be glad to hear we have just added to the maker's original vintage array!

Ready for more kokeshification? Modern designers and makers continue to be inspired by the rich graphic traditions of the dolls' sculptural forms, patterns, and faces- read on to discover our favourite new bookmarks, pins, brooches and stationery, all celebrating the art of the kokeshi.

From tiny figures to hold in the palm of your hand, right through to imposing types who'll command the room (peacefully) from the mantlepiece- meet our newest old faces. In both traditional and creative styles, these hand painted folks are online now- you might have to travel to Japan to find a larger selection... 

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Like to carry one of these gentle spirits with you? 

Informed by a shared appreciation appreciation of the kokeshis' detailed costume and expressive faces, Highhorse brooches are made exclusively for the maker. Every brooch is different- carefully hand coloured and cut to create a whimsical homage to Japanese artistry. 


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Highhorse is also behind a collaboration with uki to bring you a smaller, shinier set of enamel kokeshi lapel pins, in four winsome designs. Cute as a button pinned to a lapel or backpack, they're a perfect secret santa or post-able present...


Yoko, Noriko and Etsuko, above, are elegantly attired in their best Ryukyu Kasuri weave kimono with its traditional broken lattice pattern.

Yoshi, Kenji and Takeshi represent the post-war creative (or shingata) style kokeshi - Yoshi is Leonie san's favourite!

With characteristic tegara stripes framing a cheeky face, Nobu and Taku are based on a traditional togatta style.

Satomi, Misaki and Yumi display a pretty camelia motif and a mysterious smile...

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Kokeshi also lend themselves to graphically inspired modern design from Japan. This clever wooden press-out can be mailed as a postcard and easily assembled to grace any window sill, bathroom shelf, desktop or bedside.

Pre-printed with striking designs, Cochae's stylish origami papers allow you to fold a range of 2D kokeshi. Display the finished characters lined up on a shelf or strung as a mobile- you could even hang them for christmas decorations!

Maybe someone in your life loves teeny tiny things (maybe it's you?) These adorable die-cut stickers come in their own little matchbox, and with 68 to a box, your letters, notebooks and phone will all be looking kawaii in no time!

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At day's end when you close your novel, reach for one of these kokeshi bookmarks - a smiling face will be peeping out to welcome you back to the page. There are enough in a pack to keep 5 books on the go!

All these and more are waiting for you at the maker's Salamanca store or browse online in pyjama-clad comfort with a cup of tea...

 xx  Leonie & the maker team 


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